Matt Reeves is working on a sequel to The Batman

Matt Reeves is working on a sequel to his superhero blockbuster 'The Batman'.



Matt Reeves is working on a sequel to 'The Batman'
Matt Reeves is working on a sequel to 'The Batman'

Matt Reeves has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to 'The Batman'.

The 56-year-old director helmed the superhero blockbuster that proves successful with the critics and at the box office when it was released last year and has coyly revealed that a follow-up is in development.

Asked if he was shooting any films this year in an interview with Collider, Matt said: "I'm not going to answer that question, but we are working on a movie. I'll put it to you that way.

"We're deep in it and my partner and I are writing, Mattson (Tomlin, an uncredited writer on 'The Batman') and I are writing, and it's really exciting, and I'm really excited about what we're doing."

Reeves also hinted that Robert Pattinson would be reprising his role as the Caped Crusader.

The director said: "(He's) really excited to be doing that with Rob, because I just think he's such a special person and actor."

It was reported last year that Matt was developing movies based on Batman's Rogues Gallery.

The director – who is already serving as an executive producer on Colin Farrell's 'The Penguin' spin-off TV series - is said to have multiple movies in the works focusing on "both established and more obscure" characters.

These will range from the Scarecrow and Clayface to the likes of Professor Pig, with The Hollywood Reporter stating: "All those projects are in the very early stages of gestation."

It's noted he is working with writers and other directors on finalising the projects, but there are no further details in terms of potential collaborators, casting news or even the number of films being considered.