Gerard Johnstone hopes for a M3GAN sequel

'M3GAN' director Gerard Johnstone is keen to make a sequel to the sci-fi horror film.



Gerard Johnstone thinks there is scope for a 'M3GAN' sequel
Gerard Johnstone thinks there is scope for a 'M3GAN' sequel

Gerard Johnstone hopes to make a 'M3GAN' sequel.

The director has helmed the new sci-fi horror flick about a murderous doll and thinks there is scope for more stories to be told.

Asked about the possibility of a sequel in an interview with Variety, Gerard said: "How can I not be? Now that the film's finished and that people are embracing it.

"There are so many ideas that we had and facets of M3GAN's personality that we wanted to explore. I totally think there's more to say. And I know that M3GAN would have more to say. I would love to do another one. Hopefully soon, while it's still fresh in everyone's minds."

Johnstone explained that the movie was a "horrifically difficult" film to shoot as the doll had to look perfect on the big screen.

He said: "M3GAN had to be perfect. We couldn't have one hair out of place. It was actually a horrifically difficult shoot. It was so hard."

Gerard added: "I had a really great team around me, who were all having fun and reminding each other, 'Hey, this movie is fun.' That was a real joy.

"It was amazing when the first edit came in to be reminded, 'Oh, this film was actually quite charming and fun.'"

The director also tipped M3GAN to beat fellow horror doll Chucky, from the 'Child's Play' franchise, in a fight.

He said: "M3GAN is becoming self-aware. She's got artificial intelligence, which we all know will end up running the world one day. I'd like to think that M3GAN would tease Chucky out until she finds out every single weakness, and then she can exploit them.

"And that would be a very convincing one, I think. No disrespect to Chucky! 'Child's Play' was one of my favourite films as a kid. I'm saying this with the utmost respect."