Rian Johnson frustrated by assumptions about Star Wars

Rian Johnson gets frustrated when people assume that he hated working on 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' after the movie was met with a backlash by fans.



Rian Johnson is fed up with assumptions about his time on 'Star Wars'
Rian Johnson is fed up with assumptions about his time on 'Star Wars'

Rian Johnson is frustrated that people assume he had a bad experience on 'Star Wars'.

The 48-year-old director divided fans of the sci-fi franchise with his 2017 movie 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' but insists that he thoroughly enjoyed working on the project despite suggestions otherwise.

Rian told The New Yorker magazine: "Oh, f*** yeah. In terms of that, I love 'Star Wars' even more now. I think what actually frustrates me is people's perception that I had a negative experience somehow, or people's perception that it was somehow a traumatic experience, or something.

"The reality is that it was a completely joyful experience even through the back end of it, the past few years, the reception of it. No.

"And, when I read what those people were actually saying, I was, like, 'Oh, I completely disagree with this.' They're wrong."

Rian pointed out that 'Star Wars' fans often debate various topics about the series and is glad that his film stirred up so much conversation.

The 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' director said: "Everybody can like whatever they want and not like what they want. And 'Star Wars' fans, in particular – growing up as one, arguing about other people's opinions being wrong is sort of the bread and butter of it all.

"I didn't feel crushed. Like, 'Oh, no, I didn't make a real 'Star Wars' movie.' I felt, like, 'No, I did.'"

Rian had previously described the backlash to his film as "very painful" and said he struggled to deal with the criticism at first.

He said: "It's been a process. At the beginning, it was not easy. It was incredibly painful."