Leslie Odom Jr. hopes to return to The Sopranos universe

Leslie Odom Jr. is hoping to return to 'The Sopranos' universe after starring in the prequel movie 'The Many Saints of Newark'.



Leslie Odom Jr. wants to work in 'The Sopranos' universe again
Leslie Odom Jr. wants to work in 'The Sopranos' universe again

Leslie Odom Jr. would jump at the chance to return to 'The Sopranos' universe.

The 41-year-old star played the role of Harold McBrayer in 'The Many Saints of Newark' – a prequel to the hit TV series – and would relish the opportunity to work with creator David Chase and director Alan Taylor again.

Asked about the prospect of another 'Sopranos' film, Leslie told IndieWire: "Oh, wow. Are you kidding me?

"David Chase, that's a phone call, like, if he (texts), 'Hey, Leslie, will you...,' and those three blue dots show up? Yes (is) the answer. He's getting a yes before (he even asks). Nobody writes like David, that's a singular talent in the business."

The star added: "And not to mention (director) Alan Taylor, please. The pilot of 'Interview with the Vampire' was incredible, that's Alan directing that."

Leslie's previous credits include 'Hamilton' and 'One Night in Miami' and he explained that he learns from every acting job.

He said: "They taught me so much and I'm so grateful for every single job behind me.

"'Many Saints' taught me so much, and I was able to bring that to 'One Night in Miami'. I was able to bring everything I learned with Regina (King) to Rian (Johnson) in Greece on ('Glass Onion'), and now I'm taking all those wonderful lessons.

"When I graduated college, I wanted to get into a repertory theatre company somewhere in the country where I get to play a couple of different parts each year.

"And, if you're lucky enough, sometimes you wake up in Hollywood after a couple of decades and you're like, 'Oh, this is kind of that repertory company in a weird way.'"

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