Lindsay Lohan: I missed being on movie sets

Lindsay Lohan "missed" being on a movie set and thought 'Falling For Christmas' was the "perfect" way for her to return to the screen.



Lindsay Lohan missed making movies
Lindsay Lohan missed making movies

Lindsay Lohan "missed" being on a movie set.

The 36-year-old actress enjoyed massive success in the early 2000s with starring roles in comedies such as 'Freaky Friday' and 'Mean Girls' but has taken a break from acting in recent years and explained it was "refreshingly exciting" to return to movies with festive romcom 'Falling for Christmas.'

She said: "It's a great movie. I wanted to make this movie because I missed being on set and I really miss bringing characters to life, and this was just the perfect script full of love and family and romance and joy all in one. I wanted to get to the point where I was craving being on set. It felt really refreshingly exciting."

The 'Just My Luck' star went on to add that 'Falling For Christmas' - in which she plays the role of a spoiled hotel heiress who loses her memory in a skiing accident - has a "great message" which she loved being able to bring to the screen.

Speaking on 'Good Morning America', she added: "And it has a great message, which is that you don't really need all of the material things in life. It's good to just focus on the simple things, and I really love that."

As part of the film's soundtrack, Lindsay has recorded a version of 'Jingle Bell Rock' and explained that she was "nervous" about performing the song because she hoped fans of 'Mean Girls' - which features a memorable scene in which she performs the Christmas classic in a high school talent show alongside Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried - would enjoy it just as much.

She said: "I was [nervous] because I haven't recorded in a long time and felt the pressure of doing it in a way that people who had seen 'Mean Girls' would like it the same. With 'Mean Girls', we had the dance behind it and I had all the other girls with me. This was just my voice. So, it was nerve-racking. But the outcome was incredible. I'm really, really happy."

'Falling For Christmas' is available to stream on Netflix now.