Paris Hilton started 'preventative skincare' regime aged eight

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has revealed she started her skincare regime at the age of eight when her mum Kathy decided to teach her daughter about the importance of staying out of the sun and using a "20-step routine" to maintain her looks.



Paris Hilton started using skincare at the age of eight
Paris Hilton started using skincare at the age of eight

Paris Hilton started her "preventative skincare" regime at the age of eight.

The 43-year-old hotel heiress has revealed her mum Kathy began teaching her about the importance of staying out of the sun when she was a child and went on to encourage her to take up a "20-step routine" to keep her skin in tip-top condition.

Paris told "My mom started teaching me at eight years old; the first lesson was to stay out of the sun. Then it was all about cleansers and eye creams, neck cream, and serum, this whole 20-step routine that I've always loved.

"I'm so grateful to my mom for teaching me that because I've been doing preventative skincare since I was eight, it's pretty epic."

The socialite went on to talk about her fashion regrets and says one style she will leave in the past is her pixie crop hair cut. She added: "My Tinkerbell haircut was very in back then but when I look at it now, I am like β€˜it was just so short!’ I don't think I would ever do that again.

"I love a cute bob, but that was just something else."

Paris recently ventured into the beauty world by creating her own fake tan line with Tan-Luxe - insisting she wanted to create a tanner that included all the benefits of a skincare product.

She told WWD: "So many trends I started were done in an organic, real way. They were just things I loved. My mom always taught me to stay out of the sun, and that's why I discovered spray tans.

"Now, we have a product that has such a beautiful colour, really works and is like putting on skin care that makes you tan ... "I'm an expert on getting tanned, but Tan-Luxe are the experts in tanning products. We put our creative minds together to come up with what we think is the future of tanning."

She added: "It's very different from any other product lines out there for tanning."