Katie Holmes hoping to launch beauty line

Actress Katie Holmes has confessed she dreams of launching her own beauty line in the future after previously branching out into fashion.



Katie Holmes dreams of creating a beauty line
Katie Holmes dreams of creating a beauty line

Katie Holmes is hoping to launch a beauty line.

The 45-year-old actress has branched out into fashion recently - launching her own collection with French brand APC - and Katie has now admitted she dreams of becoming the latest celebrity to produce her own cosmetics.

When asked about her future plans, she told the Sunday Times newspaper: "Absolutely, I would love to [launch a beauty line]."

Katie also opened up about her love of fashion, revealing she finds inspiration in everyday life.

The Hollywood star told the publication: "I really look at other people that have an innate sense of style. And I’m like, ‘Oh - that with that! OK, that’s cool.’ I’m always looking for inspiration.

"I like to mix and match classic pieces. I like vintage a lot. Living in New York City I have to have things that are practical and comfortable. The city influences my style.

"Usually I’m in ballet flats, sneakers, baggy jeans and a T-shirt. I like putting it together in a way that doesn’t look like you put it together."

Katie's collection for APC has been inspired by her own experiences, too. She explained: "Our T-shirts are pretty long, because it drives me crazy when you move and a T-shirt rides up.

"I remember the 90s as being about looking really simple and very natural. That’s what I wanted this collection to embody - pieces that are cool but not recognisable and can fit into your existing wardrobe seamlessly."

To bring the collection to life, Katie dived into the brand's archives in Paris to bring some classic 2000s style to a new generation.

In a message posted on the company's website, she explained: "I love vintage and truly enjoyed stepping into the memories of A.P.C. garments of the past.

"Bringing the inspiration from collections from the early 2000’s and working to make them modern and relevant to the 2024 customer was such a joyful and satisfying experience."