Hailey Bieber posts tutorial for her Peachy Beachy Summer Makeup

Hailey Bieber has shared with her fans how to achieve her makeup look of summer 2024.



Hailey Bieber is all about peachy makeup this summer
Hailey Bieber is all about peachy makeup this summer

Hailey Bieber has shared a tutorial for “My Peachy Beachy Summer Makeup".

The Rhode Skin founder and makeup influencer - whose hottest trends include glazed doughnut nails - has spilled the secrets of her makeup look for the summer.

In a YouTube video, she shared: “It’s so glowy and moisturising and good for the skin barrier without being heavy."

The pregnant beauty - who is expecting her first child with husband Justin Bieber - used the Peptide Glazing Fluid, Dolce Glow’s Contour Self-Tanning Sculpt and Glow, Hourglass' Concealer, Hydrating Skin Tint and Translucent Powder.

She then applied her peachy shades of blush.

Not revealing the brand, suggesting it's an unreleased Rhode product, she said: “I’m gonna go in with this sunburnt bronzy terracotta colour first.

“The other colour I’m going in with has a pinky-orange colour.”

Meanwhile, Hailey recently said Kate Moss will always be her beauty "muse".

The 27-year-old model admitted the legendary supermodel has always been a fixture on her moodboards because she thinks she is so "magnetic" and her "effortless" look has never been out of place.

Asked who is on her beauty moodboard, she told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I am constantly saving photos of Kate Moss. There's something that I feel is so magnetic about her and her beauty.

"She has transcended multiple periods of time.

"I just love the unevenness of her look. You know, so effortless, so carefree.

"She's forever going to be a muse for sure."

Hailey finds it "flattering" that she's a beauty inspiration to other people.

Asked how it feels to be on so many other people's moodboards, she said: "It's very flattering. To be able to connect with other people through beauty or clothing or hair, whatever it may be, is really fun.

"I've really enjoyed submerging myself into this beauty community.

"There are so many amazing people on TikTok and Instagram and so many amazing creators that I've been able to meet and to talk to.

"Even just watching their videos to see how they use their creativity and their point of view has impacted me in a lot of ways."