Jodie Turner-Smith's bridal Met Gala gown inspired by her divorce

'Queen and Slim' star Jodie Turner-Smith has admitted her "bridal" gown at the Met Gala was inspired by her divorce.



Jodie Turner-Smith's bridal gown was inspired by her divorce
Jodie Turner-Smith's bridal gown was inspired by her divorce

Jodie Turner-Smith has revealed her "bridal" Met Gala outfit was inspired by her divorce.

The 37-year-old actress - who filed for divorce from her ex-husband Joshua Jackson in October, bringing an end to their four year marriage - appeared at the glitzy star studded event on Monday (06.05.24) in a plunging sleeveless white custom Burberry gown with 150,000 faux pearls and a sheer floral overlay.

She wrote on Instagram: "This met gala was a very special one for me… my first stepping out on my own.

"I had many thoughts after reading the short story that the theme [Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion] was based on… but what I took away from it was a desire to represent both the power of nature and the delicacy of it.

"In nature, death is both an ending *and* a beginning. When you prune away that which is dead, new buds are free to grow.

"Fitting, then, that the dress #DanielLee designed for me, full of English flowers, was deliberately bridal.

"White, representing a rebirth. A clean start. A recommitment to the most important relationship I will ever have, the relationship from which all others grow: my relationship with myself."

Jodie - who has four-year-old daughter Juno with her ex - explained how she wants to pass on some important lessons to her child.

She continued: "It is through loving and honouring myself that i am able to love and honour my daughter, and teach her to do the same.

"I am ever changing, ever growing, always beginning… and FREE, to love better, stronger, more fiercely and fearlessly than I ever have.

"THANK YOU ENDLESSLY, @burberry, for your support and your creativity and your love. Can’t wait to see what’s next…!!!!!"

The 'Queen and Slim' star admitted the Met Gala can be an intimidating environment, but she has her own way to battle the nerves.

She told Vogue magazine: "There are a lot of nerves before the Met Gala, it feels like a performance. “Before I go on the red carpet, I always have a glass of Clase Azul Reposado. I’m such a health-focused person, but I love tequila.”