Taylor Swift 'single-handedly' catapulted NFL player's wife's fashion business

Taylor Swift's star power has helped Kristin Juszczyk's design business boom.



Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes in Kristin Juszczyk's jackets
Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes in Kristin Juszczyk's jackets

Taylor Swift has been praised for "single-handedly" catapulting the career of the designer wife of San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk.

Kristin Juszczyk's designs went viral after Brittany Mahomes, 28, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, also 28, and the Grammy-winning star - who is dating the Chiefs' 34-year-old tight end Travis Kelce - wore her sports jackets.

Appearing on the 'Today' show, Kristin, 29, said: "Brittany texted me and she said, 'Hey, can you send me a video of Taylor's jacket?' And I was like, 'Wait, is there a possibility the guys both wearing this?' And she said, 'Yeah, we're wearing it.'

"It was just such a pinch-me moment. I mean, it just was incredible."

Referring to Taylor, 34, she said: "She's single-handedly catapulted my career.

"I've been at this for years. When I saw her walk out in that jacket, it just like, brought me to tears."

Kristin has recently teamed up with the NFL on an official puffer jacket.

Kyle, 32, recently said of his wife's sudden success: "It was just kind of this year that she started making clothes for different celebrities and whatnot.

"I think Simone Biles was the first one. And then Deebo [Samuel] had worn the puffer vest of the Brock [Purdy] jersey to our Washington game and that's when things started to really pick up.

"Obviously, once Taylor Swift wore her Jacket, which really blew up, Taylor Lautner as well that weekend, it's really just taken off."

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