Kendall Jenner mercilessly trolled over 'diaper' dress at Jacquemus runway show

Kendall Jenner was mercilessly trolled for wearing a "diaper looking" dress at the Jacquemus runway show at Paris Fashion Week.



Kendall Jenner walking the Jacquemus runway show
Kendall Jenner walking the Jacquemus runway show

Kendall Jenner got trolled for wearing a “diaper-like” dress for the Jacquemus runway show.

The 27-year-old model strutted down the catwalk in a puffy white bodysuit during the French designer’s "Le Chouchou" show at Paris Fashion Week in Versailles on Monday (26.06.23).

The controversial outfit featured an off-the-shoulder neckline and ruffled material.

Kendal finished off the look with a silver diamond necklace that bared resemblance to the piece that was gifted to the late Princess Diana by Queen Elizabeth II when she married Prince Charles at St. Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981.

The original necklace was made of three strands of lustrous pearls held together by a stunning centrepiece composed of oval-shaped sapphires surrounded by diamonds, with a larger sapphire pendant hanging delicately at the bottom.

But netizens were quick to critique the model once photos arrived online for being styled in an “oversized diaper”.

The comments section of Vogue India’s Instagram account was flooded by trolls who roasted the supermodel by also comparing her to a walking marshmallow, shower cap, diaper, scrunchie and pillow amongst other things.

One user wrote: "Looks like an oversized diaper."

Another added: "Why does Kendall look like she smelled something bad?"

A third chimed in: "May be [sic] cuz she is wearing a huge pamper?"

This has not been the first time Kendall’s been subjected to ruthless online trolling for her fashion choices.

In early June, Kendall - whose mother is Kris Jenner - was criticised for her choice of wearing a sheer dress.

One user wrote: "Why are these girls so needy?"

A second said: "No class or decorum."

A third added: "In what world do people think this looks good?"

Whilst a fourth chimed in: "IS THAT EVEN A DRESS or an UNDRESS?"