I love wearing platform shoes, says Marsai Martin

Movie star Marsai Martin has revealed that she's "a big Converse person".



Marsai Martin has a huge shoe collection
Marsai Martin has a huge shoe collection

Marsai Martin owns around 200 pairs of shoes.

The 18-year-old actress is a huge fan of sneakers - but Marsai also loves wearing platform shoes because she's "really short".

Speaking to WWD.com, Marsai joked: "Platforms, that’s my main thing. You will always catch me in some platforms because I’m really short - well, 5-foot-2 ain’t that short."

Marsai is "a big Converse person". However, the actress also loves to have some variety in her shoe collection.

She shared: "I like [Nike] Air Force Ones, and I’m a big Converse person - I love Converse. Converse is it for me, and I think it started with me and my love for Tyler, the Creator. His collaboration with Converse, I was like, ‘Yeah, I need them.’ That was my first time really diving into it. And Puma is a thing for me. I just got a lot of shoes."

Meanwhile, Marsai previously revealed that her style is based around "comfort".

The actress also admitted that she's "always loved streetwear".

She told Fashionista.com: "I've always been a fashionista in some way. I've always loved being comfortable as soon as I got home, but I used to love doing photo shoots, headshots and all that stuff, for my grandparents to see. I feel like my younger self would be proud of the things I'm be doing right now, because we're in a world of style.

"I would say my personal style is comfort. I'm always staying comfortable, whether it's a little bit oversized or maybe a little more flowy than usual. I feel like it's always been like that - I've always been a person that loves sweats and stuff. If I did wear jeans, it'd be baggy jeans with rips all over it. I've always loved streetwear."

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