Maya Jama shares homemade hair mask recipe

TV presenter Maya Jama has revealed she tames her over-styled hair using masks she makes herself with olive oil, raw eggs and avocado



Maya Jama has shared her hair mask recipe
Maya Jama has shared her hair mask recipe

Maya Jama tames her over-styled hair using masks she whips up herself using olive oil, raw eggs and avocado.

The host of ITV dating show 'Love Island' has admitted her locks are often left look "fried" so she makes her own hair masks at home using ingredients in her cupboard - mixing them all together and heating them in the microwave before applying them - and she's convinced her home remedy really does work.

She told Glamour magazine: " My hair's probably not in good condition because it gets styled all the time. It's fried to a frizzum. But I do loads of home hair masks. So like olive oil, raw cracked eggs, avocado and honey blended up then warmed in the microwave. And then I put a plastic bag on top of my head so it gets all steamy and sweaty. I’ll leave that on for like an hour and wash it out. It does work because it always feels healthier after."

However, Maya did admit there's some downsides to coating your hair with cooked egg.

She added: "It takes a minute to get the egg out though, and it stinks a little bit. You feel like you're cooking an omelette. But, it makes it shiny. Sometimes it's better than the bought ones I think. Or sometimes I use Moroccan Oil and just douse it in that and put my hair in a bun. I’ll put loads of oil in it and just leave it in."

Maya also shared her top tips for putting on make-up - revealing she uses hot and cold to create the perfect base for foundation.

She explained: "For me, the key to a good foundation base is a really hot face wash, and then a freeze face wash using either a flannel in the fridge to ice your face or cold spoons first thing in the morning.

"I’d do anything to give the illusion of smaller pores. I have big pores. You just can't see them on the camera, but that’s probably because they’re iced off most of the time."