Zoe Kravitz admires transformative power of make-up

Zoe Kravitz thinks make-up is "powerful" because of the way it can transform how she moves and feels.



Zoe Kravitz is transformed by make-up
Zoe Kravitz is transformed by make-up

Zoe Kravitz thinks make-up is "powerful".

The 'Big Little Lies' actress admitted her costumes and cosmetics play a big part in helping her get into character and she's fascinated by the way her appearance can even make her "walk and talk differently".

Asked if make-up and costume help her at work, she said: "They have a big impact on the way I feel. Often, when I’m playing a character, I see that it really comes together when I find out what she’ll be wearing and I try out the clothes, with hair and make-up.

"At that point I no longer look like me, and it’s very interesting to see what happens... You start to walk and talk differently. That’s what’s so powerful about make-up. You put on lipstick, and all of a sudden you start swinging your hips differently.

"It proves that we – human beings – are greatly affected by how we look. It’s amazing to see the extent to which we’re influenced by our appearance."

Zoe was particularly happy with the beauty look she sported as Catwoman in 'The Batman' because she thinks it perfectly encapsulated the "rough and messy" side to the character, as well as being "sublime and modern".

She told Numero magazine: "I like my make-up in 'The Batman', which was designed by make-up artist Pat McGrath. She’s incredible, and I feel very lucky that she came on set to design these looks for me and the other actors.

"She created something sublime and modern, but also rough and messy that symbolises the different facets of the personality of Selina Kyle, alias Catwoman, who I was playing."

The 34-year-old actress is the face of Black Opium Le Parfum and she's proud to be associated with such a "sexy, mischievous scent".

She said: "It’s a really great fragrance because it’s complex, mixing soft vanilla notes, which for a lot of people are very feminine, with more woody scents that are deep and rich like a shot of coffee.

"They’re not masculine exactly, but they help create an ensemble that’s both sumptuous and subtle.

"It’s a very Yves Saint Laurent perfume because the brand is strongly focused on creating a balance between women’s different facets. It’s a very sexy, mischievous scent.

"And I must say I adore the ad campaigns, which are both fun and beautiful. They’re all about adventure, nightlife and independence."