John Legend says showers with Chrissy Teigen help keep his skin healthy

'All of Me' hitmaker John Legend says one of his secrets to good skin is his regular showers with wife Chrissy Teigen.



John Legend reveals his skincare secrets
John Legend reveals his skincare secrets

John Legend insists showering with Chrissy Teigen is his secret to good skin.

The 'All of Me' hitmaker has launched personal care brand Loved01 and insisted spending time with your loved ones can help you stick to beauty routines and reap the benefits.

Speaking about his skincare secrets, he told The Cut with a laugh: "We shower a lot together, not to get too graphic."

The 44-year-old star was determined to make his range different from other celebrity brands, instead focusing on accessibility with a focus on people of colour.

Rather than debuting in luxury department stores, Love01 will launch in places like CVS and Walmart from February 1.

He explained: "I wanted to bring something to people who look like me in stores where they shop and at a price they can afford. Everyone deserves to have beautiful skin.”

As well as showering with his wife, John also has two key parts of his routine to keep hinself fresh - eight hours of sleep and dirnking at least eight glasses of water a day.

He noted: "As a singer I always feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone by drinking a lot of water and resting, because I’m helping my voice and my skin.”

And he has also turned bath time into a family affair for kids Luna, six, Miles, three, and newborn baby Esti.

Reflecting on practicing self-care with their children, John said: "It’s a way for us to bond with the kids and, um, show them how to take care of themselves.”

Explaining how that inspired the Loved01 brand name, added: "It can mean you love yourself and you’re taking care of yourself, but it also means you’re passing those rituals down to your loved ones."