Emma Corrin 'loves fashion', says her stylist

Emma Corrin “loves fashion”, says her stylist Harry Lambert, who adores getting them red carpet ready.



Emma Corrin loves fashion
Emma Corrin loves fashion

Emma Corrin “loves fashion”, says her stylist

The ex ‘The Crown’ star,26 - who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns - is a massive fan of “the art of dressing up”, according to Harry Lambert, who has dressed them on many occasions.

He told British Vogue: “Emma loves fashion and the art of dressing up.”

Harry also says that Emma uses clothes as an “extension of the joy of acting”.

He also attributes their many credits - such as ‘My Policeman’, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ and so on - represent new eras of dressing for Emma as it's like “starting all over again”.

Harry - after mentioning his adoration for the goldfish dress Emma donned to the London Film Festival - said: “It’s about catching those moments that feel very timeless and magical. It’s my favourite thing I’ve ever put on someone for the red carpet.

“The red carpet can be so scary, daunting and intense – why should we not make it a fun space as well?”

Harry is also mindful of Emma’s gender expression and seeks to be “transparent” with them so they feel “amazing”.

He said: “It’s exploring what they feel comfortable in, especially as they’re exploring their own gender. It’s about being super transparent with each other and talking about things. There are a lot of cameras, a lot of people, so it’s important that Emma just feels amazing and when they do, you can see that in the images.”

The ‘Retreat’ star recently admitted they are “investing” their wardrobe like they would curate art.

Emma said: “I’m kind of starting to build a collection that I really enjoy. I like investing in pieces, I suppose, a bit like you would in art.”