Emma D’Arcy joked they are 'allergic' to having long hair

Emma D’Arcy joked they are “allergic” to having long hair and prefers to sport shorter styles to her character Princess Rhaenyra has on 'The House of the Dragon'.



Emma D'arcy loves having short hair
Emma D'arcy loves having short hair

Emma D’Arcy joked they are “allergic” to having long hair.

The ‘House of Dragon’ star - whose uses they/them pronouns - does not want to rock the same hairdos their character Princess Rhaenyra sports on the HBO prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’ but has massive respect for the “art of wigging”.

The 30-year-old actor told the digital edition of GQ: “The word I used when explaining it was that I am almost ‘allergic’ to lots of hair”

“I think the art of wigging is complete magic. They are made for you, so they fit your head perfectly. The illusion is seamless. Immediately, a good wig changes your behaviour, your posture, but also, fractionally, it changes how you are read and perceived.”

Emma is not “fond” of getting dolled up in conventionally feminine ways on the red carpet either.

They said: “‘Glamour’ is not a word I’m particularly fond of… I have an awkward relationship with it.”

“In those inherently public spaces, I try to distance myself from myself. I want to be at least two steps to the left of me, because it can be very vulnerable being out there in these places as myself.”

Last month, Emma gushed about how “grateful” they were about their co-star Matt Smith, who is veteran of big budget projects like 'The Crown' and 'Doctor Who' and plays Daemon Targaryen from the George RR Martin-created world.

They said: "God, I'm so grateful to Matt. I've learned a lot from him. I've learned how to play in what can be an intense environment. He has taught me how to ignore the various pressures, the time pressures, all the things that come with shooting on this scale, and tap back into those first principles."