Camila Cabello wears hoop earrings 'every single day'

Camila Cabello dons hoop earrings “every single day”, loves flip flops, lip masks and L'Oreal mascara.



Camila Cabello loves hoop earrings
Camila Cabello loves hoop earrings

Camila Cabello wears hoop earrings “every single day”.

The ‘Havana’ hitmaker loves sporting statement earrings and has a special place in her heart for Jennifer Fisher Jewellery ones.

The 25-year-old singer told "I wear hoops every single day, and especially gold hoops. I love gold hoops. [Jennifer Fisher] hoops feel so high quality and they have so many different textures. Some are heavier and more chunky and make you feel like a goddess, and some are thinner and more low key, but they're all so good."

Camila sang the praises of Tkees flip flops ($55)- her favourite version of the sandals loved by people in her hometown of Miami - as "they’re so cute and sleek”.

She said: "I'm from Miami, [and] everybody from Miami just wears flip flops. These are my favorite brand. They're so cute and sleek and they make my feet look so pretty. And they're so comfy. I have the cream ones and the black ones."

The ex Fifth Harmony star also spilled that she has used L’Oreal Paris’ Makeup Lash Paradise mascara ($14) since she was 14 as it puts a “pep” into her morning routine.

Camila said: "I've worn this mascara probably since I was fourteen. I don't wear mascara every day, but if I'm just trying to give myself a little extra pep in my step, I'll put on mascara, some lip gloss, and maybe some tinted moisture. This mascara is so good and not clumpy, and the shape of the brush really makes my lashes look fake."

‘The Voice’ star is also a devoted user of Sara Happ’s Sweet Clay Lip Mask ($34), which acts as “a perfect chapstick’.

Camila said: "At one point, I used this every day. It super moisturizes your lips. I'd put it on in the morning before I headed out to start my day because it kind of looks like lip gloss, but it's so hydrating that at the same time it's like a perfect chapstick. Then at night, when I'm in slug form and I put all my creams on, I'd wake up and have the softest lips."