Sarah Hyland reveals new 'Paris doll' hairdo

Former 'Modern Family' actress Sarah Hyland has revealed her new "little Paris doll" haircut at the People's Choice Awards.



Sarah Hyland has explained her new 'do
Sarah Hyland has explained her new 'do

Sarah Hyland has shown off her new "Paris doll" haircut.

The former 'Modern Family' star was joined by her fiance Wells Adams on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards on Tuesday night (07.12.21) and she opened up on her new style, as well as her outfit for the evening.

Speaking to Laverne Cox for E! News, she said: "This is Vera Wang, I'm obsessed. I wanted to go for a Parisian moment.

"I just got a fresh new 'do, and I said 'Momma wants to be a tiny little Paris doll!' "

She had teased her new 'do before the ceremony as she posted a haircut emoji and wrote: "I did a thing today."

Sarah has changed her style a lot over the years, including dyeing her brunette locks red, pink and blonde in the past.

She also previously opened up about her hair struggles, as she revealed the medication she takes for kidney dysplasia resulted in some hair loss.

However, she was delighted when the new growth ended up more curly than ever before.

She said at the time: "I always think it's funny because my hair has been short since, like, 2013.

"I just wear extensions for Haley [Dunphy in 'Modern Family'] now... I didn't know just how curly it was going to be, though...

"I've had a lot of my hair fall out from being on medications and all that stuff, and now that I'm finally getting all this new growth, it's even curlier."