Beverly Johnson steals fiance's razor

Beverly Johnson thought using her fiance's razor to get smooth skin was her "best-kept secret".



Beverly Johnson
Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson steals her fiance's razor for smooth skin.

The 68-year-old model - who is engaged to Brian Maillian - thought using her partner's Harry's shaving set was her "best-kept secret" for silky legs but then she found out several of her female friends had already discovered the trick.

She told People: "Brian buys Harry's [sets], and I am always sneaking and using his razor. It leaves your skin really soft. I thought it was one of my best-kept secrets, but then I found out a number of my female friends were hip to it, too."

Beverly likes to take extra special care of her skin and uses the Retrouvé line to keep her face hydrated in hot temperatures.

She explained: "I don't know whether it's age, or because I live in the desert, but Retrouvé has been a lifesaver for my skin. Their whole thing is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! These [Conditioning Tonic with Chamomile and Baume Ultime] are at the top of my list. This conditioning tonic makes me feel fresh, and the body oil is absolutely fabulous."

She also uses Retrouvé's Urban Skin face cleanser at the end of the day to wash away any impurities.

She added: "I use all of the Retrouvé products, but I also like this a lot. After wearing a lot of makeup all day I wash my face with this brightening bar."

Meanwhile, Beverly recently claimed there's "no diversity in the upper echelon" of the fashion industry and insisted that the fight against racism within the industry must come from the top down.

She said: "There is no diversity in the upper echelon. None. We don't have a seat at the table. We have no representation in the fashion world. "On the outside now, you're seeing Black models and you think we're getting somewhere. But basically, the economics of the business, we are not participating financially."