Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen didn't want to be the face of The Row

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have opened up about their decision to step out of the limelight and let their luxury fashion line The Row shine on its own.



Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen didn't want to be the face of The Row.

The famous twins launched their fashion brand when they were just 18 in 2006, and the former child stars have admitted they didn't want it to be a celebrity brand.

Ashley told i-D magazine: “We didn’t want to be in front of it, we didn’t necessarily even want to let people know it was us. It was really about the product, to the point where we were like: ‘Who could we get to front this so that we don’t have to?'”

The 'Two of a Kind' actresses insisted they were "raised" to be "discreet.

The sisters' famous pals have praised the pair for how they've managed to keep much of their lives out of the spotlight.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid, 26, told the publication: “They want to put out their art without feeling too exposed or too vulnerable or used for the wrong reasons. They don’t want people showing up like ‘I’m here for the Mary-Kate and Ashley show.’ They want people to come and respect the clothing.”

Comedy star Jonah Hill, 37, said Mary-Kate and Ashley, both 35, blew people's minds when they showed their "incredible" taste in style.

He added: “I think because they came from being kid stars – which I wouldn’t usually associate with great style – when they started dressing with incredible taste it was a bigger mind-blow for people because it shattered the image that people had of them in their minds.”

Mary-Kate, meanwhile, explained that their luxury ready-to-wear line is all about making getting ready as easy as possible.

She said: “The word luxury is used pretty much everywhere now, but for us it’s something that makes your life easier.

“The idea that you could buy something off the rack, put it on your body and it already feels like a part of your wardrobe, that’s luxury. You don’t even have to think about it.”