Mandy Moore dyes hair blonde

Mandy Moore has decided to dye her hair blonde as she's "been longing for some change".



Mandy Moore (c) Instagram
Mandy Moore (c) Instagram

Mandy Moore has dyed her hair blonde as she's "been longing for some change".

The 'This Is Us' star has decided to swap her usual dark tresses for a blonde colour ahead of the summer, as she admits it was the "perfect time" to do something different.

She said: "I've been longing for some much needed change. It really felt like now was the perfect time to do something different, with the world seemingly opening back up again ... normal feels like it's really right around the corner ... With this new chapter of my life, it just felt like the right time for a hair change. The colour feels indicative of how exciting and hopeful people are."

Mandy enjoys being a "chameleon" when it comes to her personal beauty and style.

She added: "I've always found that I've enjoyed being a bit of a chameleon. That's the fun part that I have found in my sort of personal journey as a woman.

"I love being able to express myself through fashion and different hair colours and hairstyles. It's just so thrilling to be able to lean into whatever change feels right at any given time."

Mandy used a box dye to create the natural blonde shade she wanted.

She told People magazine: "I used the virtual shade selector on Garnier's website to take this quick questionnaire and figure out what colour was going to be best for me, because I knew that I wanted to keep it more in the darker, natural blonde shade range. I was able to find the exact colour match that felt like the right move for me: number 70. I was starting with a bit of a darker base this go around, so I was careful not to go too light because I didn't want it to turn brassy. That was a big concern for me."