Heidi Klum's kids tell her when they think she's flashing too much flesh

Heidi Klum's kids will let her know when they think their mom has too much flesh on display.



Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum's children will tell her if they think she's flashing too much flesh on social media.

The 47-year-old German supermodel is "more open" with her body than ever before and even when her kids, Leni, 16, Henry, 15, Johan, 14, and Lou, 11 - whom she has with her ex-husband Seal - question the amount of skin she has on display, she always tells them: "I do me, you do you!".

Speaking to People.com, the blonde beauty said: "I'm definitely more open with my body and I'm an outgoing person. I am from Germany and, you know, I don't always tend to wear the most clothes, so sometimes they will give me a nudge and be like, 'Mom, really?' But I'm like, 'Yeah, really. This is who I am. I do me, you do you!'"

Meanwhile, Heidi recently insisted she's happy to be a little bigger at the moment after gaining weight amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has urged women everywhere to not compare themselves to other people, especially images posted on social media.

The 'Germany's Next Top Model' host - who is married to musician Tom Kaulitz - said: "Don't compare yourself to other people.

"If social media is making that hard, step away from it for a little bit.

"I also think that having a healthy relationship with food can help your self-esteem.

"For example, if I eat bad things I'll feel sluggish and then I don't want to do anything. But if I've had a good meal I feel fueled and charged and I feel better about myself."