Norman Cook reunites with Paul Heaton at Glastonbury

Norman Cook and Paul Heaton reunited at Glastonbury to perform 'Happy Hour'.



Norman Cook reunited with his former bandmate
Norman Cook reunited with his former bandmate

Norman Cook has reunited with Paul Heaton at Glastonbury to perform 'Happy Hour'.

The 60-year-old musician - who is also known by his stage name of Fatboy Slim - joined forces with his former bandmate from The Housemartins to perform the group's hit single from 1986.

Prior to introducing his former bandmate, Paul joked that they were part of the first boyband ever.

The Housemartins rose to prominence in the 1980s, when 'Happy Hour' spent 13 weeks in the UK singles chart, while it was also an underground hit in the US.

Paul and Norman's joint appearance at the festival drew a enthusiastic response from the crowd, who sung along to the hit single.

The Housemartins made their Glastonbury debut in the 80s. But Paul previously admitted to being surprised by the scale of the festival.

The 62-year-old star - who co-founded The Beautiful South after The Housemartins split in 1988 - said to The Glastonbury Free Press: "The Housemartins did Glastonbury back in 1986.

"Even though I’d read about it, I had no idea how massive it was until I got there."

The Housemartins played Glastonbury before they achieved real mainstream success.

And Paul relished the opportunity to perform in front of so many fans.

The singer recalled: "We were about to have our first hit with ‘Happy Hour’, so the only people who knew about us were people who had heard us on John Peel and Janice Long’s shows. We played around midday, I think.

"You could see people waking up and coming down the hill towards the stage while we were on. It was dead exciting. It went from 500 to a few thousand, [which was] quite mind-blowing."