Steve Hackett ‘made the right decision’ to leave Genesis after claustrophobia ‘invaded’ band

Steve Hackett thinks he "made the right decision" to leave Genesis in 1977 after he found an "aspect of claustrophobia invaded" the band.



Steve Hackett thinks he 'made the right decision' to leave Genesis
Steve Hackett thinks he 'made the right decision' to leave Genesis

Steve Hackett thinks he “made the right decision” to leave Genesis.

The 74-year-old rocker was the lead guitarist for the band - which also initially included Peter Gabriel, 74, as well as Phil Collins, 73, Mike Rutherford, 73, and 74-year-old Tony Banks- from 1971 until his departure in 1977, and explained he decided to step away because of an "aspect of claustrophobia" as he was keen to do other things on his own.

He told Classic Rock magazine: “There was an aspect of claustrophobia that invaded my time with Genesis, and I had to work outside the band. I think if you’re feeling creative and you’ve got that album or that book or that film inside you, you don’t want to let it fester. You’ve got to get it out there.

“Genesis was becoming a little bit too much of a closed shop and it was affecting my ability to sleep.

“I agonised over leaving the band for a good two years and then I thought, ‘No, I’ve got to make a leap of faith at this point in time.’ And there’s no doubt that I made the right decision.”

After Steve left, the group continued as a trio until Phil - who stepped in as singer following Peter's departure in 1974 - quit in 1996 and was replaced by Ray Wilson for final album 'Calling All Stations' before they called it a day.

Phil, Mike and Tony reunited for a 2007 tour and again in 2021 for 'The Last Domino?' concert series.

Ahead of the latter, the trio admitted it would be too "weird" to perform with Steve or Peter again.

Asked about the possibility of getting the pair involved, Phil told MOJO magazine: "I think a reunion with Steve and Pete would be uphill. Playing with Mike and Tony is the easy option."

Mike added: "I know people love the idea that the five of us will get together again, but the songs most people know and love are from the last 40 years. Peter left so long ago. I really don't know what we could do with him now."

Tony added: "As much as I love those early albums, it would be weird to just do songs from that period."