Paris Hilton declares her new album ‘has it all’

Opening up about how her new album features pop, ballads and messages about fame, Paris Hilton has said her upcoming second studio album “has it all”.



Paris Hilton says her upcoming second studio album ‘has it all’
Paris Hilton says her upcoming second studio album ‘has it all’

Paris Hilton claims her upcoming second studio album “has it all”.

The billionaire hotel heiress, 43, has released 15 singles and recently had her ‘Stars are Blind’ track used in Emerald Fennell’s popular film ‘Promising Young Woman’, and is now set to release a follow-up to her self-titled 2006 album that she says features everything from pop music to ballads and a “really important” message about the perils of fame and vanity.

She told Flaunt magazine about the upcoming LP, due out in autumn: “The album has it all. I love pop music so much and it feels like someone needs to save it so I’m here to do it.”

Paris added the record has “pop bops” and songs inspired by her autobiography ‘Paris: The Memoir’.

The former reality TV regular added she has also included emotional ballads on the record as “Sia is the queen of that”.

It also features an updated ‘Stars Are Blind’ track is called ‘Paris’ Version’, while another song on the album is called ‘Fame Won’t Love You’.

Paris – who has 15-month old son Phoenix and five-month-old daughter London, both born via surrogacy, with her 43-year-old entrepreneur husband Carter Reum – added about the track: “It’s a really important message, because I feel like I don’t want anyone, especially my kids, to put so much of their self-worth on things like fame or beauty.

“I look at love in a completely different way than I did before. Before I had been through so much trauma and pain and had built such a big wall around my heart that I wouldn’t let anyone in.

“It wasn’t until being with my husband that I felt so safe that he made those walls crash down.

“Now with my baby boy and my baby girl, I’m just feeling this love that I’ve never felt before.

“I’m so grateful I found him at this perfect time in my life. Because I wouldn’t have been ready for this type of love had I not done my documentary.

“Now to have a real life – everything feels amazing!”