Princess Superstar so thrilled Emerald Fennell chose her song for Saltburn

Princess Superstar - real name Concetta Kirschner - has admitted she was thrilled to know that it was 'Saltburn' director-and-writer Emerald Fennell who personally wanted her track 'Perfect (Exceeder)' to be in the acclaimed black comedy.



Princess Superstar
Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar was thrilled to discover that Emerald Fennell personally chose her song 'Perfect (Exceeder)' to be in 'Saltburn'.

The 53-year-old electronic music star has seen her 2007 hit single with Dutch DJ Mason re-enter charts all over the world and become a TikTok sensation after being featured in the black comedy, starring Barry Keoghan.

Princess Superstar - real name Concetta Kirschner - didn't hesitate to say yes to the request for the track to be featured in the movie, and although she didn't personally speak to Emerald, 38, she is aware that she picked the songs to go with her story.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the Noughties artist said: "Basically, what happens when you’re asked to have a song in a movie, generally the music supervisor reaches out to your publisher. I just got an email, like any other email, it’s not like Emerald called me up or anything. It was just like, ‘Are you OK with this movie using your song?’

“I get a lot of requests for this song, so I never thought anything of it. I always say yes, unless it’s something really dodgy, like we’re gonna sell some guns!

“I just said yes, it’s not like it was a lot of money or anything, it was just a little, you know.

“Nobody could’ve predicted what would happen, I don’t think Emerald could’ve predicted what happened either.”

The 'Bad Babysitter' hitmaker also spilled that she did not get a huge fee for allowing her track to be featured in the film.

However, she has no regrets about the size of her cheque in the wake of Saltburn's critical and commercial success.

She said: "What the film has given me is so much more than money, you can’t even put a price on it.”

Princess Superstar - real name Concetta Suzanne Kirschner - was blown away by the plot and the performance of the cast when she watched the movie herself, even though she doesn't usual watch films that contain graphic depictions of violence.

She said: "I thought it was just wild. I thought it was incredible because I had never seen things like that in a film before. I thought it was so beautifully made, I thought it was incredible.

“I’m, like, a very peaceful person so I don’t like celebrating murder in media. But, as a piece of art it was beautifully done. It’s a great film."