Wes Nelson had to work to prove himself

Wes Nelson found it "tough" to "prove" himself in the music industry away from his reality TV background.



Wes Nelson is a fan of Lynx's Fine Fragrance Collection
Wes Nelson is a fan of Lynx's Fine Fragrance Collection

Wes Nelson found it "tough" to "prove" himself in the music industry.

The 26-year-old star shot to fame when he took part in 'Love Island' in 2018 and he admitted he's had to push himself with his music to shed his reality TV background, but he thinks his music speaks for itself.

He told MailOnline: "It's not easy, but at the same time, it's nothing that I can control. I think if you are putting good music out and you get the response and get the numbers, that's what people sort of accept as your career path.

"I think you can't really shout it from the rooftops, "oh I'm an artist now". You have to prove it.

"We have done that now, and obviously with my tour, and people are really turning up and really streaming music day after day. So it's been tough in a sense."

The 'Abracadabra' singer is to embark on his first European tour in May and he is "buzzing" for the chance to connect with fans.

He said: "I'm double excited. I've never done headline shows in Europe. So it's going to be my first time being able to sort of go out to the European fans and really connect with them. So yeah, I'm buzzing."

Meanwhile, Wes was delighted after a blind test via a scented billboard in London found 74% of men favoured new Lynx Black Vanilla - one of the scents from the brand's Fine Fragrance Collection - over Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, which, with a price tag of £294 retails at £289 more than the wallet-friendly scent.

He said: “The fact that Lynx outperformed a luxury brand in a blind scent test is wild.

"I've spent more money than I'd like to admit on various fragrances, so I wanted to get involved and spread the word that Lynx have made a luxury scent at a price point that makes it accessible to everyone.

"I don't think luxury is about the price tag, and this new scent proves that.”

Lynx's Fine Fragrance Collection features five scents, Black Vanilla, Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, Emerald Sage and Copper Santal, with each crafted to smell as fine as a cologne, with the protection of a deodorant.