Griff loves being driven round in a tour bus: 'I got the best night's sleep ever!'

Griff reveals she had the "best night's sleep" on her tour bus but admits it can be a "weird" industry as she embarked on her first set of solo shows before even releasing an album.



Griff is on her first headlining tour
Griff is on her first headlining tour

Griff gets the "best night's sleep" on her tour bus.

The 23-year-old singer is currently headlining her first solo and has now revealed that one of the perks of being on the road for three months is was her "rocky" mode of transport, which she compared to being "in the womb" again.

Speaking on Apple Music, she said: "You are really sleeping in a bunker/coffin. But it's actually the best night's sleep I ever had because you are being rocked.

"When the bus drives and you get into your bunker, you feel like you're in the womb again. It's quite nice."

The 'One Night' hitmaker also performed a set for Apple Music London Sessions, including renditions of new single 'Miss Me Too' and a cover of the Troye Sivan track 'One Of Your Girls'.

She joked: "I want to be his best friend, and I don't know if he wants to be mine, but I would really love that."

Griff is yet to release her debut album and prior to embarking on her first headlining tour, the BRIT Award winner - whose real name is Sarah Faith Griffiths - admitted that it was such a "weird industry" sometimes because of how she had seemingly done things out of order and that she often suffered from "impostor syndrome" despite her success.

She told NME: "You usually start off doing very intimate gigs and then work your way up around the scene. And then, suddenly, I was in these big stadiums and arenas.

"It’s such a weird industry on so many levels, that imposter syndrome follows you everywhere. No one gives you a manual as to how to be an artist."