Sam Fender's brother Liam quips they'd 'make the Gallagher brothers look like f***ing Jedward' in a band together

Liam Fender says he and his younger brother wouldn't be able to be in a band together because their disagreements would be worse than Noel and Liam Gallagher.



Liam Fender says he and brother Sam would be worse than Noel and Liam Gallagher in the same band
Liam Fender says he and brother Sam would be worse than Noel and Liam Gallagher in the same band

Sam Fender's brother Liam has quipped that they would “make the Gallagher brothers look like f***ing Jedward” if they formed a band together.

The North Shields singer/songwriter - who released his debut EP 'Love Will...' last month - admits he and the 'Seventeen Going Under' hitmaker are very "stubborn" and would likely bicker at each other like the arch-nemesis siblings, Liam and Noel, whose backstage bust-ups led to the demise of Oasis in 2009.

Liam told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “We’ve done little bits and collaborations here and there, but it’s never been in the remit that we would be in a band or anything like that.

"We are both so involved in our own projects we wouldn’t have a moment to think about it.

"We’re too stubborn anyway, artistically there would be a battle for the big ideas.”

Liam even considered releasing his music under a pseudonym to avoid comparisons with his brother Sam Fender.

He is aware that his music is going to be compared to his younger brother, indie superstar Sam - who he joined on stage for the first of his two sell-out concerts at Newcastle United's stadium St James Park in June - and he did contemplate using the name "Emerald Fin" on his records to forge his own path on his musical journey.

When asked how he feels about the unavoidable comparisons to Sam, he said recently: "It’s a funny one. It’s like anything, it has advantages and disadvantages as well. I’m in a unique position where I feel there’s a certain level of expectation that other artists putting something out at this early stage might not face. I think we’re quite different artists anyway. But it is what it is.

“Even as late as the middle of last year I was toying with going under a pseudonym. But I’d already built a following by gigging for that long, and doing my thing under my name, so I just felt it is what it is and I’ll put it out under that name.

“The closest I got was Emerald Fin, which is an anagram of Liam Fender, that’s the height of my imagination right there. I sort of toyed with it and then I was like these are songs that I have written for me, they come from a real place, sod it."

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