Brazillian pop star Anitta drops hotly-requested track Funk Rave

Anitta has finally shared 'Funk Rave' after fans went wild for its live debut earlier this month.



Anitta taps into her Brazillian roots on her new song 'Funk Rave'
Anitta taps into her Brazillian roots on her new song 'Funk Rave'

Anitta has released the modern Brazilian funk tune, 'Funk Rave'.

The Latin superstar has shared her first single since signing to Republic Records in partnership with Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

Anitta said: “All the music I’ve been making for the past year is music I’m so proud of. It’s both incredibly Brazilian and intentionally international – I made sure it sounds like me in every fiber of the music. Brazilian funk is my roots. It's what I was born and raised doing. It’s home to me. I made this new music with the intention of showing everyone those roots, what’s most important to me, and leading with ‘Funk Rave’ does exactly that.”

The 30-year-old star gave the song its live debut at the Opening Ceremony of the UEFA Champions League Finals in Istanbul, Turkey, earlier this month.

It went down so well with fans that she decided to release it.

The singer-and-actress - whose real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado - recently left major label Warner Music after 11 years after complaining that they were not properly promoting her single 'Envolver'.

In a joint statement, the label and artist said in April: “After eleven years of successful partnership, we’ve agreed to go our separate ways.

“Anitta would like to thank the Warner Music team for all their support. And the Warner team wishes Anitta all the best in future.”

And she claimed they told her 'Envolver' wouldn't be a hit without getting a major artist featured on it.

Meanwhile, Sam Smith recently teased their "special" collaboration with Anitta.

The pair are poised to release a yet-to-be-announced song together, and Sam, 31, heaped praise on their collaborator.

Sam told Harper's BAZAAR: “Anitta’s energy is amazing.

"We connected immediately, and it just made the collaboration feel so special that there was genuine friendship there.”

The 'Unholy' hitmaker added how Anitta had a "clear vision" for their duet.