Shakin' Stevens releases new album Re-Set

Shakin' Stevens has released his brand new album 'Re-Set' which is inspired by his family, the past and our place in the modern world.



Shakin' Stevens has released his new album 'Re-Set'
Shakin' Stevens has released his new album 'Re-Set'

Shakin' Stevens has released his new album 'Re-Set'.

The new record combines heartfelt and meaningful lyrics with some of the most impassioned vocal performances that Shaky has ever summoned – more than 50 years on from his first recordings.

Shaky reinvented his sound and style on the acclaimed 2016 record 'Echoes Of Our Times' and is determined to "surprise" his fans again with his latest offering.

The 'This Ole House' hitmaker said: "It's a follow-up, but it's different. People were surprised by 'Echoes Of Our Times' and I guess the same is going to happen with 'Re-Set'."

Shaky's latest album is inspired by family and the past and these themes are woven into a narrative about our collective place in the modern world.

The star's mother takes centre stage in the song 'May' as Shaky looks back at how she raised 13 children while holding down a job at the same time.

The idea of old times revisiting is strong on 'Beyond The Illusion' – a track inspired by Shaky's 18th and 19th century ancestors who worked in the Cornish copper mines.

Tracks such as 'All You Need Is Greed' and 'Tick Tock' provide compelling observations about the state of our planet and the album features a final call to arms with the closing song 'Re-Set'.

Shaky, 75, said: "It's a serious thing, what's happening in the world. If people pick up on that, and it reminds them what's happening, then someone is listening, and we've done something good."

He adds: "Nobody's pointing the finger. It's not judging, it's observing. I believe lyrics are very important, but if you haven't got a tune to go with them, you've had it."