Ellie Goulding's Calvin Harris and Pharrell Williams collaboration got binned

Ellie Goulding was set to collaborate with Calvin and Pharrell before they decided the song wasn't ready.



Ellie Goulding is yet to collaborate with Pharrell but has reunited with Calvin on dance hit 'Miracle'
Ellie Goulding is yet to collaborate with Pharrell but has reunited with Calvin on dance hit 'Miracle'

Ellie Goulding was set to feature on a song with Calvin Harris and Pharrell Williams.

The trio decided it wasn't the "right song" at the time, but the superstar DJ and the 'Happy' hitmaker ended up teaming up with pop megastar Katy Perry and Big Sean on the 2017 hit 'Feels'.

Ellie is quoted by Daily Star newspaper's Wired column as saying: "I didn't know we were going to do another song together, we did a third song a few years ago in LA, there was another collaborator on the song.

"It was Pharrell, I loved the song, but Calvin is such a perfectionist he was like, 'No it's not right. I want to work on it.'

"And then everyone was just like, 'This isn't the right moment, this isn't the right song'', and then he came out with a whole other project so he put the dance music aside and it was a dance record.

"It was really good I thought, but then he did the project with Katy Perry."

Ellie would go on to work with Big Sean herself on 'Easy Lover' last summer, before reuniting with Calvin on this year's chart-topper 'Miracle', "out of the blue".

The 'Lights' hitmaker recently reflected on how working with Calvin on their third collaboration helped her reconnect with how she used to perform earlier in her career.

She told 'Capital Dance': "I've always had this higher register and when I did my first album, when I listen back - not that I regularly listen back to my old music - I remember how high I used to sing, and I was influenced by singers that sang exceptionally high.

"I went down to a register that I thought was more cooler and maybe more suited for pop records.

"Sometimes I need someone to say, 'You can do this' - it sounds really lame. When I first heard I was like, 'There's no way I can sing that.'"

The pair previously teamed up on 2014's 'I Need Your Love' and 2013's 'Outside'.