Ellie Goulding admits Calvin Harris helped remind her 'how high she used to sing'

Ellie Goulding reveals Calvin Harris reminded her "how high she used to sing" before she tried to change to a "cooler" sound.



Ellie Goulding is embracing her higher register
Ellie Goulding is embracing her higher register

Calvin Harris has reminded Ellie Goulding "how high she used to sing".

The 'Lights' hitmaker has reflected on how working with the DJ on their new collaboration 'Miracle' has helped her reconnect with how she used to perform earlier in her career.

She told 'Capital Dance': "I've always had this higher register and when I did my first album, when I listen back - not that I regularly listen back to my old music - I remember how high I used to sing, and I was influenced by singers that sang exceptionally high.

"I went down to a register that I thought was more cooler and maybe more suited for pop records.

"Sometimes I need someone to say, 'You can do this' - it sounds really lame. When I first heard I was like, 'There's no way I can sing that.' "

The 36-year-old star admitted it's been a "pure joy" returning to world of dance music, and she admitted she wants to spend more time with Calvin at his Ibiza farm.

She added: "He said I can come along. I will be there. I will do that. Why the hell not?

"I can make it my thing, my new thing, I can bring my kid with me, that would be great. Could I stay on the farm? Is it child friendly?"

Calvin said "no", and insisted the farm is quite "grim", and not suitable for her two-year-old boy Arthur.

Meanwhile, Ellie recently admitted their trance track came "out of the blue" and she almost missed out on the collaboration by "playing it a bit too cool".

She explained: "This one came slightly out of the blue. He said that he had the track and immediately thought of me for it. Calvin doesn’t like to mess around so he sent the song in the next message

"I accidentally played it a bit too cool and didn’t reply for a few days so he thought I wasn’t into it.

"We recorded the vocal in January. We both think it’s really important to be in the same room when making music.

"I didn't feel any pressure because both of us are at a point in our careers where we can put out stuff that we love, and is authentic to us."