Amy Grant to release first new music in a decade later this month

Amy Grant is set to treat fans to two new songs recorded after her nasty biking accident.



Amy Grant will release her first song in 10 years later this month
Amy Grant will release her first song in 10 years later this month

Amy Grant is set to release her first new music in a decade.

The 62-year-old singer, who was hospitalised last summer after coming off her bike, has announced a pair of tracks are on the way.

'Trees We’ll Never See' is the first song and will be released on March 24.

Amy had to wait until she was recovered from her injuries to return to the studio.

She explained in an interview on 'Today': “So much creativity has been put on hold in my life, for all kinds of reasons.

“Last summer I was asked to sing on a new Cory Asbury song yet to be released. This might be one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. I was so glad they waited for me to heal up and get back to the studio."

Amy added: “Inspired by Cory’s beautiful song, Marshall Altman and I started talking about songs that we’ve written recently that affected us.

“I played him one of mine. He played me one of his. His song was ‘Trees We’ll never See’. I loved it immediately and asked him if I could record it, and within two weeks, both songs were mixed and mastered!”

The six-time Grammy winner's last studio album was 2013's 'How Mercy Looks from Here', though she released the festive collection 'Tennessee Christmas' in 2016.

The Christian singer was forced to postpone a number of scheduled shows last August as she continued her recovery at home.

A post on her Instagram explained: "Amy Grant was in an accident after hitting a pothole while riding a bicycle with a friend (note: she was wearing a helmet).

"Following a brief hospitalisation where she was treated for her injuries, doctors have ordered additional recovery time at home for Amy, where she is now resting comfortably."

Amy underwent open-heart surgery three years ago to correct a rare condition that she only discovered after having a medical check-up.

And the music star confessed that women can be guilty of putting their own health on the "back burner".

The 'Baby Baby' singer - who is married to country star Vince Gill - said: "I think women tend to put their health on the back burner.

"It's more like, 'Oh my children, my grandchildren, my work, my spouse.' All of those things and we need the gift of each other. So even if you go, 'Oh, I got nothing on the radar,' just get somebody else to check it out."