Ellie Goulding went into 'survival mode' after her son was born

Ellie Goulding was worried that if she didn't get back to releasing new music after having her first child her career would be over.



Ellie Goulding admits it's 'so intense' to constantly have to release new music to stay relevant
Ellie Goulding admits it's 'so intense' to constantly have to release new music to stay relevant

Ellie Goulding didn't think she'd have a career to go back to if she didn't return to work immediately after her son was born.

In hindsight, the 'Easy Lover' hitmaker admits returning to the music studio just three weeks after Arthur - her first child with husband Caspar Jopling - came into the world in May 2021 was "way too soon", but she went into "survival mode".

The pop star is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column as saying: "When I had Arthur I went straight back in the studio way too soon, way too soon.

"I was looking back at some pictures that were sent to me I think by Arthur's granny that were like, 'Oh, he's missing you' - he was only three weeks old and I was already back in the studio.

"When I think how small he was and how young he was I can't believe that I left him behind to go and work, but I went into survival mode.

"I think we all did that where we though, 'Right, we have to kickstart ourselves back in reality and normality."

The 'Love Me Like You Do' singer admits that with streaming artists are expected to constantly be putting new music out - and it's exhausting.

Ellie added: "The current rate of consumption is so high and so intense, It's almost like you have to get on a train and it doesn't stop.

"If you get off the train, then you become invisible."

The 36-year-old star also teased that her new Calvin Harris collaboration should be on the way soon.

She said: "I'm pretty sure he wants to release it soon, which I'm very excited about.

"It's good to get back together with him, good to get back in the studio.

"We clearly have a good thing together so we thought, 'Yeah, why the hell not?'

"The song is very us but it's also a little bit different and it's maybe not what people expect."

The singer and DJ will follow up 2013's dance-pop tune 'Need Your Love' and 2014's 'Outside' with the brand new track.

Ellie also releases her fifth studio album 'Higher Than Heaven' on March 24.