'We are gonna play with all our hearts': NOFX unveil farewell tour dates

NOFX have announced their final North American tour dates.



NOFX have announced their final tour dates in the US
NOFX have announced their final tour dates in the US

NOFX have confirmed their farewell tour dates and insisted we are "done done".

The pop punk legends are calling it quits after four decades with one last jaunt across North America and Europe, which will see them perform 40 songs a night, with no two setlists being the same, to celebrate their 40-year career.

In a social media statement, the band said: “Each of these shows is going to be different and special.

“And get this, we have already started practicing. F***, we have a lot of songs to relearn.”

In a press release, frontman Fat Mike insisted: “This is not a final tour like Mötley Crüe or Black Sabbath.

“These are the very last shows NOFX will ever be playing. We are gonna play with all our hearts … With all our joy…And then we are done. We are done done.”

The Los Angeles group - also comprising Eric Melvin, Erik 'Smelly' Sandin, and Aaron 'El Hefe' Abeyta - will kick off the run with two consecutive nights in Austin, Texas starting on April 22.

An announcement regarding their European dates is on the way.

The group released the 'Double Album' LP last month.

The tour dates come after Fat Mike revealed he's opening the world's first Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas.

The space in Sin City is set to open its doors on Friday (13.01.23) and already has memorabilia from the likes of Sum 41, Rise Against, Blondie icon Debbie Harry and more.

In a statement outlining his goals for the museum, he told SPIN magazine: "We want people to come from Indonesia and see the flier of their band on the wall.

“You know how proud they would feel? I want anyone in a punk band around the world to have that opportunity.”

With that in mind, Fat Mike has a simple admissions policy for bands hoping to feature in his "Church of punk".

He added: "If you’re a punk band, you’re f****** in. It’s that simple.”

The institution will also look to document punk's stories and the way it has had such a profound impact on culture over the past 50 years.

This has resulted in the likes of Nirvana and Foo Fighters star Pat Smear investing, along with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and more.

Vinnie Fiorello - former Less Than Jake drummer and record label founder of both Fueled by Ramen and Paper + Plastick - added: "This is a love letter to punk rock.

"We want to show this common passion amongst so many different people for this form of music.”

NOFX's final tour dates so far:

April 2023

22 – Austin, TX

23 – Austin, TX

May 2023

13 – San Diego, CA

June 2023

24 – Columbus, OH

25 – Columbus, OH

July 2023

22 – Tacoma, WA

23 – Tacoma, WA

September 2023

16 – San Francisco, CA

30 – St Petersburg, FL