Robbie Williams to drop 2 new albums in 2023

Robbie Williams has revealed he has plenty of new music coming out this year.



Robbie Williams has plenty of new music on the way for fans
Robbie Williams has plenty of new music on the way for fans

Robbie Williams has two albums coming out in 2023.

The 'Rock DJ' hitmaker has revealed he has an abundance of tunes recorded for his side project Lufthaus, but he wants to focus on that as a "live entity" for now.

But fans can expect plenty of new music from the former Take That star in the coming months.

He teased: “I have got two albums coming out pretty soon. I have a vault of new Lufthaus stuff. I could do three albums of it as Robbie Williams but new stuff gets written and you get excited about that. I want to put an album out before the summer.”

The 48-year-old pop star has plenty of ideas for future releases, including a desire to make a follow-up to his 2006 dance LP 'Rudebox', which featured the Pet Shop Boys and featured production by Mark Ronson.

Explaining his intentions for Lufthaus, he continued: “I am not sure if there will be a Lufthaus album. We (Lufthaus) did Ibiza and everybody goes mad and the DJ said, ‘They love us mate.’ We are trying to figure out what live entity Lufthaus is.

“I would like to do a 'Rudebox 2' (as well) but I change with the wind.”

The 'Angels' hitmaker confessed that he would prefer to play more of his lesser-known songs from his 'Under the Radar' compilations.

He said on the 'Robbie Williams Rewind' podcast: “I want to do more 'Under the Radar' gigs as there is Robbie the public entity but there are the guys at the front who want more. But there are 17,000 others who know 'Feel' and 'She’s The One'. It is f****** annoying I can’t do 'Andy Warhol' or 'Just Want People To Like Me'. That is what I would rather be doing but I am there to provide a service.”

And Robbie has expressed his desire to pen tunes with James Blunt.

He added: “I want to write with James. We have bumped into each other a lot this year. We keep saying we will get into a room but we are seldom in one place.”

Robbie released his 10th compilation album, 'XXV', in September, featuring new, reimagined versions of his hit songs, plus new material.