PsychoYP releases 500 fan passports on his flight to international stardom

PsychoYP has released 500 fan passports for others to join him on his flight to international stardom.



PsychoYP is releasing 500 fan passports
PsychoYP is releasing 500 fan passports

PsychoYP has released 500 fan ‘passports’ for his flight to international stardom.

The Nigerian rap star, whose real name is Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi, has made the passports available on the Web3 music marketplace TokenTraxx. The $1 passport will allow fans of the artist to join the rising star as he leaves hometown of Abuja and takes his new wave trap sound global.

Following the launch, PsychoYP will drop eight unreleased tracks on TokenTraxx as part of his 'ABJ to Heathrow' fan-engaging release.

The rapper's original drop gives 'passport holders' different levels of benefits in conjunction with the 'ABJ to Heathrow' tracks as VISA stamps, giving holders access to exclusive fan perks.

TokenTraxx has a mission to be at the centre of a new independent music creator company, providing a Web3 platform that redefines and enhances the value of music by bringing artists and fans closer together.

Web3 is attracting artists seeking more creative freedom and financial independence from traditional methods of musical publishing.

The booming sector is ushering in new and innovative formats for releasing music and is opening up opportunities for creatives looking to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

Psycho YP's innovative collection has been designed by the visual artist Bidemitata and allows fans to pick between 250 red and 250 purple passports on the Polygon network.

The following drops will feature four unreleased tracks each that are meant to be collected as VISAs that go along with the passport – individual 'ABJ to Heathrow' tracks priced at $10 and limited to 50 copies that will enable fans to unlock various levels of utility.

Divided into three tiers for fans to access by collecting one, four, or eight tracks – the exclusive perks range from free merchandise and discounts to shows, to VIP event access and meet and greet with PsychoYP.

The 23-year-old rapper was born and raised in Abuja and has a diverse sound that cuts across Trap, Rap, UK Grime, UK Drill and Hip-Hop. His multi-faceted music catalogue has achieved over 20 million streams across all digital platforms independently.

PsychoYP said: "I love doing new things and creating this community for myself and Apex

Village is exciting. So let's run it up."

The first part of the 'ABJ to Heathrow' release dropped on 25 November and featured the singles 'Crazy' featuring Laycon, 'Lebanon', 'ABJ to Heathrow' and 'Extra Extra' featuring Kida Kudz.

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