Amy Lee related 'a lot' to Billie Eilish's second album

Amy Lee has spoken about how much of Billie Eilish's experiences of fame she relates to.



Amy Lee relates 'a lot' to Billie Eilish and her experiences of fame
Amy Lee relates 'a lot' to Billie Eilish and her experiences of fame

Amy Lee related “a lot” to Billie Eilish’s struggles with fame.

Both artists penned a lot about dealing with the pressures of the spotlight on their second albums, Evanescence’s ‘The Open Door’ and the ‘No Time To Die’ hitmaker’s 2021 LP ‘Happier Than Ever’.

Speaking to Korn’s Jonathan Davis in the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine, Amy, 40, recalled: “I was a hard adjustment. I was 21 [when ‘Bring Me To Life’ came out], and I was often the only female anywhere.

“In my mind, I thought, ‘That doesn’t matter!’, but you do start to feel alone.

“It wasn’t just about being female...”

She continued: “We’ve grown up and times have changed, but in the beginning it was scary.

“I used a lot of that for inspiration for the second album [2006’s ‘The Open Door’].

“Billie Eilish's second album does that too, and I found myself really relating to that a lot.”

The ‘Wasted On You’ singer previously applauded the 20-year-old megastar for being "willing to be vulnerable and real".

Amy said of the 'Therefore I Am' hitmaker's record-breaking debut album 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?': "It is not very often that something comes out anymore and I love the whole album. I still love albums and that is a great album that I listen to every song. What I like about it is the darkness; It's super dark and willing to be vulnerable and real."