Joel Corry teases Elton John collaboration

DJ Joel Corry has teased a collaboration with Sir Elton John after working on a remix of 'Hold Me Closer', and striking up a friendship with the legendary musician.



Joel Corry has grown close to Sir Elton John
Joel Corry has grown close to Sir Elton John

Joel Corry has teased a collaboration with Sir Elton John.

The 33-year-old DJ and producer - who worked with the 'Rocket Man' legend on a remix of his 'Hold Me Closer' track with Britney Spears - hailed him as "the nicest, chilled guy", and someone who has "his ear to the ground with new music".

Speaking on the BRIT Awards' 'The Red Carpet Treatment' podcast hosted by Nella Rose, he said: "His passion for music is amazing... the whole experience was great. Who knows man, next year 2023 Joel Corry and Elton John the banger might be coming...

"I know he's going to Australia for Christmas. But he said when he gets back from Australia wants to get in the studio. So fingers crossed."

Meanwhile, Joel almost missed out on a chance to get to know the iconic musician after missing his phone call during a set at Ibiza Rocks.

He recalled: "So, I'm literally DJing in the middle of Ibiza Rocks. Yeah, mid-set beats are flowing, I mean I am in the groove...

"My phone is next to my decks and I suddenly see a number popping up ringing that I didn't recognise... phoning from America.

"Then by the end of my set, my tour manager came up behind me and when he wrote it on his phone, yeah, and he was like, 'Sir Elton John is trying to call you'.

"I went, 'Oh my God. I've just missed Elton John's called me'. I was a bit wavy, do you know what I mean, had a few vodka cokes so I was like 'shut up bruv', I thought he was joking.

"But anyway, got back to my apartment. Sir Elton called me and we had the best time ever."

Things turned out brilliantly for Joel, who revealed Elotn actually called him while he was on set for the 'Hold Me Closer' remix video.

He added: "On set when we're filming this video, Elton John FaceTimes me on set. So good vibes, because everyone like could see everyone's buzzing to see him and yeah, so then after the FaceTime, I then flew back to America, because I'll do my tour out there and I actually had a date in Vancouver in Canada and... right on the night I was DJing [in Vancouver], Elton John was having his concert in Vancouver.

"So, my management reached out and were like, let's meet. So, I went and actually met him at his concert in his dressing room."

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