Morten Harket has plenty of music for another solo record

Morten Harket is proud to be writing more of his own lyrics.



Morten Harket says his solo songs are 'political' but from a 'philosophical perspective'
Morten Harket says his solo songs are 'political' but from a 'philosophical perspective'

Morten Harket has plenty of new material for another solo album.

The a-ha frontman has a batch of songs penned about his "philosophical" musings on politics and could easily release a follow-up to 2014's 'Brother'.

Another big theme is "love issues".

He told Classic Pop magazine: "I have a lot of songs.

"I could have put some on 'True North' [a-ha's comeback album], but it wasn't the place, when there was so much material already on the table."

He added: "I've started to write more lyrics on my own, and feel pretty happy about that.

"There's a political side, but with a philosophical perspective.

There are love issues: the dynamic between two people who become aware of each other in a crowded room, when you don't know each other, but suddenly you are the only two people aware of each other.

I find those mechanisms fascinating. "

The 63-year-old Norweigen singer admits his solo tunes are entirely different from the stuff he, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy make in the 'Take On Me' group.

He added: "My songs are a little different to a-ha. The spirit of a-ha is a communal effort, so none of our songs on our own sound the same.

"But it's up to others to say how these new songs will differ from a-ha."

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