The Libertines in 'shock' as former drummer dies

The Libertines are mourning the loss of their first drummer, Paul Dufour.



The Libertines' early drummer has passed away
The Libertines' early drummer has passed away

The Libertines are in "shock" after their original drummer, Paul Dufour, died on Tuesday (06.09.22).

The late sticksman - who was also known by the nickname “Mr Razzcocks" - has sadly passed away with a cause of death unknown at this time.

In a statement, the band wrote on social media on Wednesday (07.09.22) alongside a picture with the drummer: “Paul Dufour, our much loved drummer from the early days, passed away last night.

“We are all in great shock and sadness. Sending love and thoughts to Paul’s friends and family. It was honour to play with you Mr Razzcocks. Forever in our hearts x. (sic)"

Paul had a brief stint with the band in 2000 and was replaced by current drummer Gary Powell a year later.

This year, the group have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of their acclaimed debut album 'Up the Bracket'.

But Gary recently admitted he's been more excited about their new album.

He said: “My mind is more in line with the opportunity to record a new album than anything regarding 20 years ago. We’ve been playing the majority of the album [‘Up the Bracket’] for 20 years now, so this year for me, is a great opportunity to draw a line under this part of the saga and move on to the next phase."

Gary also admitted that while the group aren't going to take on a full genre change with their new material, he hopes they will be able to "push the boat out a little more".

He added: "The good thing is everybody’s been writing. I’m hoping there’s going to be a whole new fervour and interesting dimension added to how we approach things.

"Obviously, we’re not going to try and reinvent the wheel and be like Depeche Mode going from rock ‘n’ roll to electronic, but I think we can push the boat out a little more while still bringing something that has the same emotional integrity and dynamism that the audience craves when they come to a Libertines show.”

Co-frontman Pete Doherty recently teased plans for a follow-up to 2015's 'Anthems For Doomed Youth', saying: "We still feel there’s unfinished business and there are more songs to write. But he [Barat] doesn’t want to do it in England, or in France, which he sees as my turf.

"So the plan is to go to Jamaica and try to make another Libertines record.”

The Libertines are completed by co-frontman Carl Barat and bassist John Hassall.